Band: Taylorís Universe

CD Title: From Scratch

Website: www.robinctaylor.com 

Label: Marvel of Beauty Records (2015)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



Not to suggest you could set your wake-up alarm with Taylorís Universe CD release schedule, but you have to admit Robin Taylorís releases do tend to appear like clock-work. It is clear Taylor is a man who loves making music. I dare say he has trouble keeping it bottled up. This is release number 14 from the Taylorís Universe incarnation and as such itís everything weíve come to know and love about his music. The seven selections here, some as short as three-minutes, some as long as nine, clock in at a total of forty-four minutes of jazzy, Canterbury infused music. While there are three people listed as vocalists these are essentially all instrumental Fusion tunes with a lot of guitar and keyboard solos. The vocals tend to take the form of vocalizations that manifest themselves as yet another instrument performing alongside the saxophones and clarinets. I sensed that many of the synth lines were even more fluid and bendy this time around reminding me of the music of prog-fusion keyboardist David Sancious. The Canterbury style umbrella is very much present in that the music, while never overly light, never really descends into a pit of taking itself too seriously. What I mean by that is that the music tends to reflect a sense of fun and at times even Joy. As I reflect on Taylorís music, there are some releases that showcase his jazzier side and some his more rock side. This release seems to try and straddle the middle ground more than some. The net result is still a very well put together release that doesnít make an effort to break new ground but rather plays upon his strengths in both musical arenas. Itís a release full of warm melodies, accomplished performance, some odd sonic interludes and plenty of nice rhythmic musical change-ups. This may not be my favorite set of compositions from Robin Taylor, but itís a very satisfying listen all the same.