Band: Solstice Coil

CD Title: Commute

Website: www.solsticecoil.co.il  

Label: Taklit Music (2015)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



Following up on their 2011 release Israeli based Solstice Coil have delivered album number three entitled simply Commute which again features the bandís trademark blend of heavy progressive metal and classic prog structures. Itís a mix that many have tried but few have accomplished as successfully as these guys. The opening crunchy chords have you thinking youíre listening to a straight forward prog metal band but within short order the band steps back from the abyss and moves into a more subdued almost jazzy vibe which then builds into a series of musical climaxes before moving on. This whole album features more of the same and it left me feeling every time I was going to change discs something new and different was there to hold my interest. The music is quite structurally complex, rather than injecting too many notes, they rely on layers of arrangements that overlap and cross over to give the music a depth that you might not expect at first glance. Adding to the sound are electronic elements that in their own way bring a contemporary tone to a few of these songs. Itís a total of ten tracks, just over fifty minutes of music in compositions ranging in length from two and half minutes to one just under nine. Itís really hard to say if this is a heavy symphonic album with touches of metal or a prog metal album with touches of symphonics because many of these tunes end up in both or either camp. All in all itís a very satisfying listen for prog fans who like their music with a little aggression without forgetting about the contrasting delicate side. Very nice.