Band: Nad Sylvan

CD Title: The Bride Said No

Website: www.nadsylvan.com

Label: InsideOut Records (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



I first became aware of Nad Sylvan with the release of 2008ís Unifaun album, a recording that was intended to be an album of songs Genesis never recorded and I liked that album a lot. Then years later I renewed my acquaintance with Nad as a vocalist with the Steve Hackett band. Now here, we have the opportunity to hear Nad on his second solo album The Bride Said No, a follow-up to his 2015 release Courting the Widow and you would be correct in guessing that conceptually this is indeed a follow-up to that release. This is music that displays all the musical hallmarks of classic symphonic prog. Long extended intros blend into the song proper with plenty of musical interludes and musical change-ups occurring before the songís completion. At nearly an hourís worth of music, there are eight mostly mid-length compositions here with the closing title track clocking in at just over twelve minutes. There is much to love about this record as it does everything right. While Nad handles much of the keyboards and some of the guitars there are plenty of guests including Steve Hackett, Roine Stolt, Tony Levin and a good many others. Over the years Nadís voice has matured and while you may still hear a hint of his early Genesis tone, much of that has gone making way for him to develop his own tone. Many of these songs benefit from the female harmonies and back-up vocalists as well. Itís a very big production, sounding heavily orchestrated; lush and full soaring, ascending lines, tension and release and melded together with just a hint of melancholy that reflects the story line. This is a very satisfying musical release. Clearly fans of Nadís earlier work will appreciate this, but I would suggest fans of the music Steve Hackett and the Flower Kings will find much to enjoy here as well. Recommended to fans of Symphonic Progressive Rock.