Band: Troposphere

CD Title: Troposphere

Website: www.canvasproductions.net   

Label: Canvas Productions (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



Over the years Iíve had the opportunity to listen to many discs that have emanated out of the Canvas Productions studio. This is the latest and itís called Troposphere consisting fifty minutes of music split into ten tracks ranging in length from just under four minutes (most of them are just over four) to as long as eight minutes. The most apt musical description I can come up with to describe the bandís musical style is Melodic-Prog or perhaps Prog-Lite. Now that shouldnít be taken in a negative way as there is a solid level of musicianship on display here and itís the kind of music that borrows a little from Steely Dan and a little from Barclay James Harvest. Some of the songs feature more proggy embellishments while others rely on traditional song structures and catchy melodies to rise to the surface. Either way these tunes are lovingly crafted to straddle that fine line of making even the more mainstream tunes be infused with some level of musicianship. Itís not always the longer songs that deliver a more proggy vibe though they are more complex in structure, the shorter four-minute tunes still offer up some interesting musical change-ups to keep things interesting. Take for example the instrumental ďOne Track MindĒ [4:03] which displays a nice variety of musical layers of proggy-ness. Instrument wise there is some nice variety as well with plenty of keyboard and guitar tones on display. The feeling I got was that there was a lot of thought put into each of these pieces to get them to each sound unique and yet part of the larger sound. There is a lot of really nice playing throughout the whole CD. I found every one of these tunes enjoyable and satisfying and real easy to listen to over and over again. If you enjoy the music of either of the bands mentioned earlier Iím quite sure youíll find much to appreciate and enjoy with the music of Troposphere.