Band: Sky Architect

CD Title: Nomad

Website: www.skyarchitect.com    

Label:  FREIA Music (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



Here we go with album number four for the Netherlands based quintet who goes by the name Sky Architect. I really enjoyed the bandís previous three recordings and as is often the case I hit play with just a hint of anxiety. But I was not disappointed. In fact I think Nomad has become my favorite of all their albums! At fifty-nine minutes of music these seven compositions, most of which are on the long-ish side display some amazing performances. All of which is unusual and perhaps unexpected for this album, since the original intent of the band was to take a simpler song-oriented approach. Then they got together in the studio, with everyone adding their bits here and there and these seven magnificent tunes were the result. These are anything BUT simple songs and Iím cool with that. Songs start off in one way, shift in time and tempo, go off in another direction for a while, perhaps come back to theme or the core melody before wrapping it up with a grand climactic ending. Love it! The band has a knack for coming across a bit heavy on the symphonic side of things but itís never over-the-top and thatís another thing I really like. The heavy-ness is used to accent or draw attention to parts of a song and the riffs they use are pretty powerfully pleasing in that regard. Their Progressive Rock musical approach has a lot in common with bands like Beardfish, Brother Ape or perhaps even a bit of Carptree. Itís a very modern sound mixed with all the classic Proggy elements and arrangements. For all the musical change-ups Sky Architect still manage to infuse large doses of melody and quirky instrumentation in and through these compositions adding yet another unique aspect to their musical style. As I said earlier, I think this is without question their best album yet. Itís certainly my favorite and I highly recommend it prog fans of all stripes.