Band: Terrapin

CD Title: Sanctuary

Website: https://godrecordsgardenofdreams.bandcamp.com/album/terrapin-sanctuary  

Label: Garden of Dreams Records (2017)

Rating: Intriguing 2/5



This is something a little different. Terrapin are an offshoot of the Greek band No Man’s Land, but while that band falls more in the Jazzy, Fusion world, Terrapin place themselves in the acoustic world of Acid Folk or Folk Prog. It’s quite a leap so stick with me on this. First and foremost this whole disc is very acoustic, earthy and even quite mellow. These ten tunes, most of which are in the three or four minute range were recorded over the years some going back as far as 2013. While there are hints of electric instruments the predominant vibe as I say is very un-plugged be that guitar, bass, cello, sitar or drums. Most of these songs take the traditional approach to song craft, structured in a variety of verse/chorus arrangements. Much like the folk feel these are songs come across in very much the troubadour style that attempts to convey a story. Sung in English, it must be pointed out the core trio of musicians are very accomplished and that comes across in the ease with which these songs flow. Variety is injected into each tune primarily from the different instruments that come to the fore: in one tune it might be the sitar, another might showcase the cello, there’s even one with a harmonica. When it’s all said and done Sanctuary comes off as very much an intriguing set of Folk based compositions. If that’s your thing this is good stuff…I suggest you click the link above and check’em out.