Band: Il Tempio delle Clessidre

CD Title: Il-ludere

Website:  www.iltempiodelleclessidre.com

Label:  Black Widow Records (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



This is album number three for an Italian band that formed in 2006 and if you are a fan of Italian symphonic bands such as Banco, Museo Rosenbach and PFM this is music that will be right up your alley. The album is made up of ten compositions clocking in at about fifty-five minutes with each tune going through a number of dramatic shifts in structure and arrangements in the classic Italian symphonic style. Vocals are theatrical, almost operatic sung in Italian of course creating a sound that hearkens back to the seventies and yet the music is performed in a very bright and rocky contemporary style. To some degree they’ve traded in the ornate complexity of that early Italian style and replaced it with their slightly more straight-forward approach, but even with that the band’s music has a lot going on. So if you’re a fan of the music created by the bands mentioned above this is an album that would fit very nicely in your collection. It brings many of those classic stylistic elements together in a musical package that is both new and familiar. Recommended and well worth checking out.