Band: Kalin Tonev

CD Title: Machine Years

Website:  http://kalintenov.bandcamp.com

Label:  Independent Release (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



Machine Years is the latest release from impressive Bulgarian keyboardist Kalin Tonev. With, thirteen varied instrumental compositions clocking in at sixty-five minutes this release delivers a very expansive and I have to say very satisfying Progressive Rock musical buffet. Thereís a little bit of something for everyone here. If you like nice meaty Hammond organ runs thereís loads of it. If you like Mini-moog lead lines running all over the place thereís plenty of that too. If you like majestic swells of music with strings, yup got it, and that includes Mellotron sounds. Iím hard-pressed to think of a proggy keyboard sound that isnít included somewhere here. On top of that Tonev is a great player pushing his chops from rough-and-ready Prog-Rock to softer and gentler solo interludes and then right into intricate jazzy styled lead lines. He certainly knows his way around the keyboard and heís also very familiar with all the right proggy sounds and styles. If there was one sonic-reference point to point to that would be Tony Banks from mid-period Genesis but there were many other subtle hints as well. With tunes ranging anywhere from two minutes to a few almost eight-minutes there lots of musical room for these songs to offer up a wide variety of sounds, styles and musical change-ups. Add to all those keyboard sounds some guests on rhythm guitar and you have a disc that I kept coming back to over and over again. Thereís just so much happening in these compositions, so many sounds and lovely little musical detours, I really enjoyed every minute. If you are like me a fan of keyboards and like your keyboards to include both vintage and digital sounds look no further; Machine Years is the disc youíre looking for. Highly recommended.