Band: NIK Turner

CD Title: Life In Space

Website:  https://nikturnermusic.bandcamp.com

Label:  Purple Pyramids Records (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



Hey Man…if you’ve been saying to yourself…I haven’t heard a really good space rock album in a long time, well your dreams are about to be answered with Nik Turner’s new album Life In Space. This is everything a psychedelic space-rock album is supposed to be in my books. Dreamy vocals, long synthesizer sound-scapes, echo-drenched spacey synths, trance inducing-hypnotic rhythms, layers of long, sustained icy Mellotron strings, throw in some flutes, saxophone, violin and sitar sounds and Wow, it’s all here. We’re looking at forty-four minutes of music packaged in eight musical-stews that cover a fair-bit of ground musically. Of course fans of the genre will know of Turner’s musical pedigree as co-founder of Hawkwind, he was the “wild-man” of the band, and looked and lived up to every part of that reputation. Interestingly this is only his sixth solo effort since 1978 and his most recent since 2015. I have to say, perhaps the music here caught me in a trippy mood but I just love it. It’s the kind of music that takes me back and sends me zooming into the future. It’s full of nostalgic sounds and riffs and yet doesn’t come across as dated in any way. Perhaps that’s because the music scene today has become so full of new and old but Life In Space seems to fit in very nicely here in 2017. I for one am very happy that Nik Turner is still with us all these years later still making interesting, fun psychedelic Space Rock music. Prog fans really should check out this new release it’s just so cool on so many levels.