Band: Tautologic

CD Title: Re:Psychle

Website:  www.tautologic.com/

Label:  Turtle Down Music (2018)

Rating: Catchy, quirky Zappa-styled Prog



Hailing out of Chicago, Tautologic take their name from the word tautology which is an argument which repeats an assertion using different phrasing. And just to be sure you get their brand of satiric sense of the band they’ve called their new album the punning Re:Psychle. Once you get past all of this intriguing set up you are in for a treat. There is some really engaging music displayed here over ten compositions that come in at a vinyl sized forty-two minutes. With the first track, you might be forgiven for thinking you just started listening to an old Kansas song until it suddenly shifts gears into a quirky, off-kilter tone and starts singing about loud shoes! This is a set of tunes that is rich with Frank Zappa’s influence. It comes through a lot in the lyrical bent but also in the singing, the instrumentation and often the rhythmic counterpoint. On that last point though, in amongst all the herky, jerky musical elements there is much to recommend here to symphonic prog fans as virtually all of these songs feature tried and true proggy embellishments with grand ascending lines that twist and turn their way through crafty melodies. Each song, and most of them are in the three or four minute range is infused with elements of minor notes and suspended or diminished chords that emphasize an overall strangeness at times but then usually resolves into other more pleasing majors. What I really liked aboutTautologic’s writing style is how they manage to incorporate the contrasts without going too far either way. This is not a “normal” prog band and yet everything about them should appeal to prog-heads. Hints of Chamber Prog slapped up against traditional Symphonic prog elements sounds like a winner to me. I’m giving Re:Psychle a big thumbs up. Check it out.