Band: Colin Tench Project

CD Title: minor Masterpiece

Website:  www.corvusstone.com/colin-tench-project.html

Label:  Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Grand rock-opera styled Prog



This is solo-project album number two for Corvus Stone guitarist Colin Tench entitled minor Masterpiece with an intentional lower case on the “minor.” This time around he’s surrounded himself with some stellar vocalists and musicians to create what I can only describe as a stirring, emotional rock opera. It’s a musical stage production that’s never happened. The sound is influenced by a range of artists from The Beatles to Pink Floyd and a few others in between. The forty-nine minutes of music is built around thirteen compositions ranging anywhere from 1:32 to as long as 7:30 but in this case the length of the song seems to be less important because a good number of these songs lead into one another. This is a grand musical production filled with a wide range of musical styles, much of it fronted by and supporting Tench’s acoustic and electric guitar work. But that being said, there is lots of dramatic orchestration that elevates these tunes to another level making it all a very Proggy feel with music that is ever changing. The vocals are expressive and emotive with the orchestration supportive in the staging of the story. There are even a few instrumentals in the bunch like “Waiting for Gordo” [4:01] which puts the cello in the spotlight as the lead instrument surrounded by lush symphonic orchestration. There is a lot to take in with minor Masterpiece and the more time I spend with it, the more there is to appreciate. Prog fans of all stripes will get something out of this release and so for that reason I have no hesitation recommending everyone take a listen to the latest music from the Colin Tench Project.