Band: ScienceNV

CD Title: The Quest for Prester John Vol. 2

Band Website: www.sciencenv.com

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Still more intoxicating epic-scale Prog. An “E” ticket Ride


True to their word, three months on from their last CD, entitledThe Quest for Prester John – Volume 1 the San Francisco based ScienceNV are back with Volume 2. Once again there are a host of musical styles that crop up throughout the disc’s fifty-two minute playing time with the two most predominate being Prog and Psych and naturally a blending of the two. Here and there are other musical elements or motifs such as a bit of Chamber prog, some Space rock and well some other craziness. It’s a fascinating mix of musical styles and influences, but that’s what makes the band and this series of releases so intriguing. While the previous disc’s centerpiece was the epic “Eloise’s Tale” here on Volume 2 that distinction goes to “Roderick’s Tale” [27:16] with the disc rounded out by four other tunes, two short and two longish. The music of ScienceNV is constantly evolving and changing, not just from album to album but even with the confines of each release. Just when you think you have them musically figured out they insert something new and different. And while sometimes these musical change-ups are abrupt or dramatic as in the longer epics which are clearly made up of different or distinct musical segments, the music can change or morph quite subtlety from one stylistic feel to another as happens in the shorter pieces. Much like their previous release, The Quest for Prester John – Volume 2 is a musical journey of intoxicating epic-scale Prog that delivers an “E” ticket ride.  For something a little out of the mainstream ScienceNV is well worth checking out. Recommended.