Band: TumbleTown

CD Title: Never too Late

Website: www.tumbletown.nl   

Label: Freia Music (2018)

Rating: Excellent modern symphonic prog


Here we go with the sophomore release from the Netherlandís TumbleTown entitled Never too Late. The band, a trio, is made up of members who go way back to the days of the progressive rock revival of the mid-eighties. Their names can be traced to a band called Egdon Heath and then Seven Days Hunt. Then each went their separate ways for a time, but still staying in touch which then led to them releasing their first album as TumbleTown Done with the Coldness in 2013. That brings us to Never too Late an album fifty-one minutes in length made up of nine compositions of varying lengths, short and long. Stylistically itís what I call modern symphonic Prog, full of melodies set in long orchestrated musical passages. Itís music that will appeal to fans of bands like Silhouette, Karmakanic and perhaps even Jadis. The music is always changing chasing one melody after another, sometimes musically and sometimes lyrically. The overall sound is lush, grand and even panoramic in scope, rich in layers of keyboards and contrasting guitar lines. You are just as likely to hear a soaring keyboard lead line as you are a guitar and that interplay takes me back to progís early days and yet the music of TumbleTown is very contemporary in its sonic approach. Its classic prog full of musical change-ups and shifting time and tempos. Excellent stuff well played from some very accomplished musicians. Recommended.