Band: Servants of Science

CD Title: Another Day: The Swan Song Live

Website: https://www.servantsofscience.com/

Label: Progressive Gears (2018)

Rating: Fans of somber symphonic prog will love this disc!


Brighton based Servants of Science have released a rather intriguing live disc called Another Day: The Swan Song Live and it tells the story of an astronaut witnessing the end of the world while floating space. Not a cheery prospect and yet the album isnít really that much of a downer. I will grant you that it has a distinct Roger Waters feel that comes to the fore now and then but truth-be-told thatís one of the things I like about the band. Seven compositions, a mix of short (3:33) and long (9:39) songs that all add up to forty-minutes of melancholy sometimes mournful tunes that fit the albumís theme. The studio version of this album was released in 2017 and this disc is a track-for-track live performance but if you didnít know this was a live disc you could be forgiven because other than the clapping at the end of each track the recording quality is very high. The music of Servants of Science is very lush with layers of keyboards providing grand swells of orchestration or alternately lonely Mellotron strains. I was surprised at how the band was able to achieve such a full sound in the live environment. All the more surprising since the band photos feature three guitarists and no one is actually dedicated to playing keyboards. Those of you who have the studio album may not require this disc, but for those whoíve never heard the band itís a wonderful introduction and I found myself liking it from the get-go. Servants of Science have a great sound so I will definitely be watching for future releases from the them. Recommended for fans of somber symphonic prog.