Band: Soft Machine

CD Title: Hidden Details

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/softmachinelegacy

Label:  MoonJune Records (2018)

Rating: Age has not diminished the bandís Musical Prowess



Prog fans will know that Soft Machine, one of the founding bands of the genre have been around since the beginning. Formed more as a psychedelic band in 1966 they soon found themselves solidly entrenched in the Jazz-Rock or Jazz-Fusion side of the prog genre, which is where they exist to this day. Hidden Details is the bandís latest studio album and is being released some fifty years on from their first album back in 1968. Just over sixty minutes of music is made up of fourteen instrumental compositions of varying lengths. Thereís a real nice mix between lead lines that come from the guitar, the sax, the flute and even the Fender Rhodes and the instrument-interplay is quite fantastic. Thereís no question this is musicianship of the highest order regardless of whether the music is angular and replete with dissonant passages or whether it takes the form of softer moody combo-style jazz. So yes you do get some experimental elements here that Soft Machine are known for: solo blow-outs and music that builds into cacophonous mayhem. But what I liked more than that were the many softer introspective tunes where individual musicianship rose to the surface and was on beautiful display. For my money, not being a huge Soft Machine fan, I can only surmise this is an album that represents all facets of the band. Overall itís a very listenable record and easy to get into. That said, I think itís safe to say that Hidden Details will not be ďhiddenĒ for long as Soft Machine fans everywhere will love this disc.