Band: Shineback

CD Title: Dial

Band Website: http://www.shineback.org/

Label: Bad Elephant Music (2018)

Rating: Catchy tunes brimming with Proggy elements


If you are a fan of the kind of contemporary prog made by bands such as Frost* and Spock’s Beard well get set for a real treat. Multi-instrumentalist Simon Godfrey is back with a new Shineback release entitled Dial. And like his previous musical outing he’s enlisted some heavyweight support to help execute his musical vision. Those of you keeping track will remember Godfrey from his previous band Tinyfish and there is a fair amount of music here that has much in common with his previous band. It’s a very contemporary prog style that’s on display, in terms of instrument sounds, musical arrangement and final production effects. Expect to hear elements of Rock, Pop, and even a hint of Electronic Dance Music in the keyboard department. All that said, all the right Proggy hallmarks are here with big sounding introductions loaded with dynamic arpeggios, huge swells of music, etc. What corrals the music of Shineback is Godfrey’s ability and penchant to rein everything in, in service of the songs core melodies. So we get great tunes with catchy riffs and singalong parts that at the same time run all over the place with brilliant sounding dramatic Progressive Rock signature elements. This is much more than just a few proggy embellishments though, these songs are put together right, with plenty of musicality going on. In fact there’s a few songs here that really go all out in that proggy department clocking in at 7, 9 and 13 minutes. So, no this is no “sort-of” prog CD, this is full-on modern, contemporary prog that is a great sounding set of compositions. Highly recommended.