Band: Sanguine Hum

CD Title: Now We Have Power

Website:  www.sanguinehum.com

Label:  Bad Elephant Music (2018)

Rating: A Winning blend of Prog and Art Rock



This UK quartet, Sanguine Hum, following up on their highly acclaimed 2015 release Now We Have Light, have released studio album number four Now We Have Power and it charts the continuing story of the lead character Don as he makes his way through the various surreal storylines. Interestingly the word ďsanguineĒ means optimistic or positive and yet musically the mood and feel presented by the band is more inquisitive and tentative, but hey, whatís in a word, right? Perhaps itís all a bit of irony. Never-the-less the sixty-two minutes of music featured on this album is quite captivating and very engaging. Fourteen compositions, virtually all of which are under four and half minutes, some linked together, some standing alone makes for plenty of variety. But while the songs may be short thereís a lot of musical virtuosity. Iím reminded of bands like Mew and Air. Even in the short songs the music takes many different and circuitous routes from beginning to end running from one musical theme to another, injecting a contrasting motif here or something that hints of angularity there. It all makes for some pleasantly intricate arrangements and complex song structures. Included in the run of tunes are a few instrumentals which show yet another side of the band, musicians who like to make music. If all this sounds like a blend of Prog and Art-Rock, well you would be right. There is something very ethereal aboutSanguine Humís musical style and itís something that I really like. Their style holds your interest, draws you in, and sends you on a very intoxicating musical journey. If youíve never heard them I urge you to check them out.