Band: The Tangent

CD Title: Proxy

Website:  www.thetangent.org

Label:  InsideOut Records (2018)

Rating: A Shining Example of Canterbury Prog



The Tangent has been around for around fifteen years and Proxy is their tenth studio album. Fans of the band, and there are many, will know what to expect  musically as here on Proxy they continue to craft a Canterbury influenced Progressive Rock with touches of Camel and Caravan shining through here and there.  Proxy times out at just under an hours’ worth of music divided into five compositions, two of which are a tick over sixteen minutes in length. So that being said you would be correct is surmising there is a lot of musical performance going on. In fact the musical introduction to the title track “Proxy” [16:07] is itself roughly four and half minutes long weaving through more than a few styles and motifs before arriving at the vocal section. And that’s just the start of a song that never ends changing time, tempo, and just about every other musical gymnastic you can think of. I might also add that while there are plenty of musical styles present such as Fusion, Space-Rock and so forth, The Tangent never stray very far from a light Jazzy flair in their instrument virtuosity. Even the vocals tend to bend and wrap themselves around various chord or note progressions giving the overall sound and kind of “stream of consciousness” flow. Actually that term kind of applies to their arrangements and compositional approach as the compositions of The Tangent never really start and stop. Rather the band’s music just flows effortlessly from one musical segment to the next. Hard to say if this is “the best” Tangent album, but it doesn’t really matter as just about everything on Proxy is a fine example of Canterbury styled Progressive Rock. It’s all interesting and it’s all good.  Recommended