Band: Syndone

CD Title: Mysoginia

Website: www.syndone.it

Label: Ma.Ra.Cash Records (2018)

Rating: Wonderful Classic Symphonic Prog



Italian symphonic Progressive Rockers Syndone are back with album number seven entitled Mysoginia. These guys came on the scene in 1989 with a quest to do their part to reestablish the symphonic prog genre in the Italian music scene. Keep in mind Italy was one of the first European countries to recognize the British prog scene of the early seventies and in that wake dozens of Italian bands came on the scene. Syndone take the best of the old and blend it with the new to create their own unique Italian symphonic style that is contemporary in every way. Their new album comes in at a vinyl-sized forty-three minutes made up of nine mostly shorter individual compositions. This was typical of Italian prog in its heyday. And just like the classic bands like PFM, Le Orme and Banco, Syndone know how to pack a tremendous amount of musicality into small packages. The classical influence is strong here, with piano and strings lending an authentic and comforting feel throughout. This is embellished by the usual guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. Stylistically itís that mixing of classical and rock with just a hint of light Jazzy-ness that gives the music a flow, a rhythm that is rarely predictable always changing patterns and emotional feels. The vocals as expected are passionate, dramatic and delivered in quite a theatrical style: this is then interspersed by a few flute solos all making this an extremely satisfying listening experience. This is really good stuff, no question about it and album number seven, Mysoginia is certainly worth checking out. This is music that will have huge appeal to symphonic prog fans everywhere. Recommended.