Band: Skylake

CD Title: In Orbit

Website:  https://skylakeband.bandcamp.com/releases  

Label:  FREIA Music (2019)

Rating: Interesting Music but no Keyboards



In the interest of full disclosure, my first listen to Dutch band Skylakeís albumIn Orbit had me thinking it was missing the mark in a lot of places, sounding sort of ordinary. But then on repeated listens I realized my first impression was wrong. There is a lot to like with these guys. They are a five-piece that features female vocals and label themselves as Alternative and Progressive Rock. I guess thatís not wrong although it does seem a bit redundant. I guess they say that because in truth there are plenty of times where the music is rocking quite intensely but fear not because the band is just as quickly to move the music into a more proggy direction, changing the sound, tone, dynamics and song structure. The seven songs are virtually all mid-length six minutes or more and that allows Skylake plenty of time for some very entertaining musical gymnastics. The more you listen the more you start to hear their influences: a little Genesis here, a little Porcupine Tree there. The overall tone of their music is on the heavier side with the emphasis on guitar riffs given they donít have a keyboardist. Maybe thatís what I found missing on first listen? Still, Skylake manage to inject a lot of diversity into their compositional style, enough to hold your interest thatís for sure. As a debut album In Orbit has a lot going for it although I couldnít help but feel a few keyboards wouldnít have hurt. Still itís their first studio album so I think we can look forward to future releases.