Band: Sonora Sunrise

CD Title: The Route Through The Canyon

Website:  https://trailrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-route-through-the-canyon

Label: Trail Records (2019)

Rating:  Groovy Psychedelic and So Much More



Russian psychedelic band Sonora Sunrise have released their debut album entitled The Route Through The Canyon and to my mind this will be a very rewarding listen for fans of not only Psychedelic music but also Krautrock, Space Rock, Stoner Rock and Ambient. There’s a little bit of everything here and if it sounds a little more spontaneous than you might expect, well that’s because it was recorded pretty much off the floor in two days. The album consists of nine mostly mid-length compositions clocking in at forty-nine minutes. As you will no doubt expect by the genre’s listed this is music that is trippy and dreamy at times and focused on some searing guitar lead-lines at others. Underneath it all are the obligatory “percolating” drums and bass providing a solid groove-foundation. Then coming through here and there are all manner of bleeps and blurps from the various keyboards. You get hints of early Pink Floyd mashed with Quicksilver Messenger Service, H.P. Lovecraft and even The Doors. Yet it’s all infused quite seamlessly into the overall feel of Sonora Sunrise. I have to say I quite enjoy this type of music. When done right it offers up not only those Psychedelic aspects but also invariably incorporates a lot of what would eventually become known as Progressive Rock and this band does a really good job making their music standout in that regard. It has all the sonic hallmarks of Psychedelic music but then offers up so much more. Prog fans of many stripes will find a lot to appreciate grooving to this. Recommended.