Band: Zuffanti + ZBand

CD Title: Il Mondo Che Era Mio

Website: www.fabiozuffanti.com

Label: BTF Records (2014)



You would most likely have to be living under a rock to not be aware of or familiar with the music of Fabio Zuffanti. Here’s your refresher. Bassist and composer Zuffanti first came to prominence in 1994 most notably in band’s such as Finisterre and Hostsonaten but, trust me, there were plenty of other groups and projects along the way. For this reflective release he’s put together a quintet of accomplished players each with a foot in some the past’s great Italian Progressive Rock bands. Hence the musicianship on display is first class. You might say this is an album of Zuffanti’s “Greatest Hits” performed live in the studio in front of a small audience. As such we are treated to some favorites from the different eras of his career. The music is classic Italian symphonic progressive rock brimming with nostalgic Mellotron string sounds, tasty musical change-ups, jazzy interludes and gorgeous melodies. Speaking of Mellotron, its most prominent display is on the sweetly melodic and highly symphonic “Rainsuite” [9:42] but it shows up in quite a few other spots well. These are mostly long instrumental compositions that are in constant musical motion and strongly influenced by both Classical and Jazz and then delivered with a Rock foundation. Needless to say this is brilliant stuff. Even more so when you consider it’s being performed live. The mix is near perfect as is the overall performance. Fans of Italian Prog and Zuffanti’s music will want to rush to ad this disc to their collection. It’s a real keeper. Great stuff and highly recommended to symphonic prog fans in general.