Band: Ulysses

CD Title: #eMotion

Website: www.ulysses.nu

Label: Symbioses Music (2015)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



The Netherland’s is home for the quintet known as Ulysses and this is their fourth studio recording. It’s a fifty-eight minute album consisting of eight tracks, each one devoted thematically to an emotion humans deal with; everything from disgust and anticipation to fear and anger. I would tend to place Ulysses in the middle ground of genres between Progressive Metal and straight forward Progressive Rock at times even coming close to Heavy Symphonic. There are times where the heavier side dominates but then just as many times the more delicate, Mellotron strings and flutes come in to set the tone. That contrast in even more on display when the band picks up the acoustic guitars as on “#Sadness/Lost What Was Not Mine” [5:29]. There’s even a little bit of synthesizer electronica here and there. Most of their songs are longer and as might be expected manage to incorporate both the heavy and the soft at some point and it’s that wonderful balance the band has been able to achieve that I think elevates them from just being lumped into the Prog-Metal crowd. Ulysses manages to forge a somewhat unique sound in a genre that struggles with too much of the same sound. I would always encourage bands who want to be heavy to spend more time working on the softer contrasts to create a more personalized sound and Ulysses seems to get that point. If you like your prog with a definite heavy crunch I urge you to take a listen to the music of Ulysses.