Band: Fabio Zuffanti

CD Title: Amore Onirico EP

Website: www.fabiozuffanti.com  

Label: AMS Music (2017)

Rating: Intriguing 2/5



Famed Italian Progressive Rock legend Fabio Zuffanti is back on the scene after a three year break and he’s back with, of all things a cassette EP. That’s right this twenty-two minute release which came out on March 31st, 2017 is available in limited quantities on cassette and digital download. These eight short songs are described in the promo material as a kind of “stream-of-consciousness” exercise where the ideas, the lyrics and the music all came together over the course of one rainy day. While there are electric instruments here there is very much an acoustic feel to these songs which are all between two and four minutes long. In some ways this set of tunes hearkens back to the classic early days of Italian Progressive Rock. They all are melodic, they offer up twists and turns with dramatic musical change-ups and because of the vocal style they pack an emotional punch. About the only thing they shy away from is any tendency toward symphonics. Instead the vibe presented is more of the “singer-songwriter” tone that is loaded with drama and plenty of musical production elements. So while the initial feeling is one of space and open airy production, there are deeper levels of sonic appreciation all of which grows on you with repeated listens. If you are a fan of Zuffanti’s other work I think you’ll really enjoy this distinct musical offering. An artist in a moment of solitude and introspection. Amore Onrico is an intriguing release that delivers.