Band: We Stood Like Kings

CD Title: USA 1982

Website:  www.westoodlikekings.com

Label:  Kapitan Platte Records (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



This is the third album release for the Belgium band called We Stood Like Kings. Entitled USA 1982 the album is intended to be a kind of new soundtrack for the cult movie Koyaanisqatsi. Now Iím not sure if you have to be watching the movie to get the full impact of the music created here, but on its own this is quite an enjoyable listening experience. Each of the ten instrumental compositions on USA 1982 is very classically oriented and borrows much from the symphonic side of things. That said, there is a decided rocky edge that weaves its way in and around these compositions. Tunes will build in a kind of Bolero fashion until they becomes grand crescendos with swelling climaxes of orchestration. Most of these tunes are long, in the eight or nine minute range so thereís lots of room for these pieces to breathe and structurally no one seems to be in a rush to get anywhere fast. So this gives the music lots of time to be contemplative, with solo instruments like piano or guitar to play on a riff or arpeggio for a long time, building the tension and then the music erupts in these thrilling majestic swells of music that sweep you away. The music ebbs and flows through shifts in time and tempo as well as layers of instrument arrangements. Itís a truly wonderful listening experience. Honestly I was blown away by the music of We Stood Like Kings. Fans of bandís like early Enid will find much to enjoy here but I think fans of instrumental symphonic prog will also appreciate the music on USA 1982. Recommended