Band: Wingfield Reuter Sirkis

CD Title: Lighthouse

Website:  https://markwingfield-moonjune.bandcamp.com/album/lighthouse-24bit-88-2khz

Label: MoonJune Records (2017)

Rating: Mind-Bending



We’ve seen this approach before…take three accomplished musicians…throw them together and see what music results. These seven complex and dramatic compositions were crafted live on the studio floor in improvised fashion and yet you would be hard-pressed to know that because they play so tightly.  My guess is that’s a sign of great musicianship. Stylistically, not really prog, not really jazz, not really industrial, it’s kind of all of the above or at the very least the fifty-six minutes of music here contains elements of all of the above and sometimes all at the same time. There are moments within these seven compositions where all three are members seemed to be performing solos…at the same time. It is dizzyingly complex. Busy music for busy times it calls, no demands your attention. I included the musical genre, Industrial in my description simply because there are times where the music just becomes so dense and full of sounds moving here and moving there like one giant musical machine. It’s angular, it’s dissonant, it’s raucous, it’s breathtaking. With music as intense as this disc is, I always like to include my qualifier – this is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. None-the-less if you are a fan of any of these musical creators, trust me, you will most definitely enjoy the music created on Lighthouse.