Band: Zombie Picnic

CD Title: Rise of a New Ideology

Website: www.facebook.com/zombiepicnic   

Label: Golden Shred Records (2018)

Rating: A follow-up album well worth checking out!


Rise of a New Ideology is the latest from the Irish band called Zombie Picnic and itís a great follow-up to 2016ís Suburb of Earth. This time around weíre treated to six instrumental compositions with a total run time of just under forty minutes. The music as before has Progressive Rock leanings but also features a strong Psychedelic thread. The music is moody, almost atmospheric at times and once again features a myriad of spoken word passages clipped into various segments of the music that ties the whole package together. The Psych part of the tunes is most prevalent coming from the lead guitar style. The drums and bass set up a rhythmic groove, with the drums providing sudden percussive flourishes all the while the lead guitar lines are soaring off laying down plenty of notes, riffs and effects. The first song even has a kind of sitar effect at the six minute mark of itís nine minute total time. All of these tunes tend to be structured in a similar fashion although they do in fact sound different from one another. The band does this by holding each composition to a core melodic riff that appears and re-appears and itís a different riff for every one of the six compositions. The spoken word parts go a long way to determining a songís feel and should not be discounted. Itís all part of the mood making that is quite intentional. While I got a lighter sense from their previous album, the musical tone here comes off as more serious and intentional all the while avoiding any form of aggression. The guitars remind me of the jamming flavor of San Francisco bands such as Big Brother and Quicksilver Messenger Service all in service of more complex and dramatic tunes. As on the previous disc, some of the music is complex and very proggy with multiple layers of music happening simultaneously and at other times itís very spacey and atmospheric. It all makes for listening depth and sure enough Rise of a New Ideology is the kind of disc you can put on over and over again and probably get something new from it each time. Iím not sure how many pints of Guinness and packets of Tayto crisps went into the making of this music but it was all a good investment as this follow-up is well worth checking out.