Band: Richard Wileman

CD Title: Veil

Website: www.kardaestra.co.uk 

Label: Independent (2018)

Rating: Classic Karda Estra with a little sixties pop feel


Karda Estra fans will want to take note of this new solo release from main man Richard Wileman. EntitledVeil itís everything weíve come to expect from his band Karda Estra and musically a bunch more. With Wileman performing on guitars, bass, keyboards, samples, percussion, bouzouki and some rare vocals this time around, he then enlists the musical assistance of Amy Fry on clarinet, vocals, Jo Court on bass clarinet, alto saxophone and Lauraine Phelan on trumpet so in many respects you can expect to hear that signature Chamber Prog sound Karda Estra has become known for. Whatís new here of course are the vocals along with two other musical trajectories. Some of these tunes tend to be simple acoustic affairs with just Wileman singing and playing acoustic guitar in an un-plugged folky style. Then there are a few others where the sound of the vocals, the harmonies and instrument arrangements takes me back to the era of sixties British Pop music. Itís a really cool vibe actually. Uplifting, melodic and uptempo these crafty songs offer a stark contrast to the other haunting, spooky Karda Estra remakes on the disc. A total of fifteen tunes clocking in at forty-seven minutes that Karda Estra fans will be sure to appreciate and enjoy. While perhaps not essential, Veil clearly shows another side to the musical talent that is Richard Wilemen and in that regard I think worth checking out.