Band: Darryl Way

CD Title: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in Rock

Website: www.darrylway.com    

Label:  Right Honourable Records (2018)

Rating: Classical Rock at its most Classical.



I was imagining Darryl Way sitting in his kitchen with his fingers thrumming on the table wondering what in the world to record next. I mean seriously the guy’s been pretty active of late, making up for lost time and he’s been creating music in a kind of ‘checking things off the bucket-list’ manner. So was I surprised to see his new album is called: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in Rock? Well not really. I actually was struck by the thought; I wonder why he hadn’t done something like this before. So here we are as Way makes every effort to make his latest album vastly different from the one before. On this release he’s taken Vivaldi’s four concertos, one for each season, split each into three parts and then arranged it for a “rock” treatment. Those familiar with Way’s past will recall his energetic tribute “Vivaldi” recorded almost fifty years ago with the band Curved Air. His love of the artist is no secret, so here he has the opportunity to dive in with both feet. It is as you might expect a complete and thorough blending or classical and light rock where the violin essentially takes the place of the lead guitar. What I appreciated most was the up-front classical aspect is in no way hidden or diminished here. Vivaldi’s Four Season’s In Rock is first and foremost an album of a classical masterpiece performed with different instrumentation, but classical none the less. The only thing you really notice is that the bass and drums help clarify the rhythmic aspects of the piece. Fans of early Curved Air, Way’s solo adventures and perhaps some of the more classical aspects of ELP will find much to appreciate and enjoy.