Band: Yuka & Chronoship

CD Title: Ship


Label: Cherry Red Records (2018)

Rating: Brilliant Symphonic Prog! One of my Best of 2018 CDs!



Ship is studio album number four for the Japanese symphonic prog band called Yuka and Chronoship. The band came into being back in 2009 and is the brainchild of founder Yuka Funakoshi, the band’s lead keyboardist and main composer and who also provides vocals here and there, although as an previous releases vocals are spotty and often take a backseat to dramatic and powerful symphonic styled Progressive Rock. As on their previous release Ship is about an hour in length made up of eleven compositions, the first seven of which make up the thirty-four-minute “Argo” Suite. While guitars are not absent this is music where the Yuka’s keyboard prowess takes centre stage and that’s fine by me. That Hammond organ riff in “Landing” is classic and is just a small part of what makes Ship such a fine album. As on their previous release there are plenty of grand and majestic moment’s contrasted by groovy riffing or classical intricacy. As I said in a previous review the music of Yuka & Chronoship really represent the best of the symphonic genre. The music ebbs and flows with periodic female vocalizations providing choral arrangements. Interspersed throughout are keyboard, guitar and percussion solos that share the spotlight, propelling the music from one melodic segment to the other. It never gets too aggressive; instead the music draws from classical influences more than anything. And yet the music does rock at times and rolls at others. There are moments here and there that reminded me of mid-period Genesis, both in terms of synth sounds and playing style, but when meshed together with everything else going on here this is pure Yuka & Chronoship. I liked their last release a lot, this one is even better I think, and it’s already on my favorites of 2018. Highly Recommended to fans of symphonic prog.