Band: Una Stagione AllíInferno

CD Title: Il Mostro di Firenze

Website:  https://blackwidow.it/readmore.php?id=488

Label:  Black Widow Records (2018)

Rating: Part Symphonic Prog, Part Movie Soundtrack itís an invigorating listen



This bandís history goes all the way back to 1997 where they did some recordings before going into an extended hiatus before reappearing in 2011with a slightly altered line-up. The bandís name means a Season in Hell and their unfailing creative juices have provided this fifty-minute concept album entitled Il Mostro di Firenze or Monster of Florence. As a nine member group they capture all that is great about the classic Italian prog sound. They create a very full and even lushly orchestrated sound featuring not only the usual instruments but also saxophones, cellos, violins and violas. Like much Italian prog, the emphasis isnít so much on songs that are overly long, but instead packing as much musicality as possible into shorter four or five minute packages. Nothing remains the same for long, although themes or melody lines are often repeated just enough to keep the listener wanting more. That said there are a couple longer songs one thatís almost eight minutes and the album closer thatís just over ten. Add to that some of these compositions are linked with sound effects and this becomes quite a mysterious little conceptual story. Fans of Italian Symphonic styled prog will, I think will really get into this, but Progressive Rock fans generally will find much to appreciate and enjoy with Il Mostro di Firenze. Recommended.