Band: Zeelley Moon

CD Title: Zeelley Moon

Website:  www.facebook.com/zeelleymoonmusic/

Label:  Zeelley Moon Music (2018)

Rating: Tuneful with Polished Musicality



This is quite an intriguing album. Originally released in the UK last year, 2017 it finds it’s North American release here in mid-2018. Musically Zeelley Moon falls in the Art-Rock or Melodic Progressive Rock category and displays a style of music that has much in common with that of Supertramp and Barclay James Harvest. In fact listening to a track like “Tricks and Tragedy” [5:52] you might be forgiven for thinking this is a long-lost Supertramp album. And I mean that in a good way. Fact is it’s the up-front piano that makes that a thing. The ten compositions here clock in at fifty-three minutes with the bulk of the songs in that three to five minute range with a couple longer ones at seven and eight minutes. As I say, the piano plays a major part in the Zeelley Moon sound carving out some wonderfully melodic tunes. And that’s the key to this band: they craft some very hummable, very catchy passages all the while injecting some very skilled musicianship. Themes come and go, never overstaying their welcome, returning just enough to be satisfying and keep you wanting. Fans of the bands mentioned above will find much to appreciate with the music of Zeelley Moon. Its tuneful music with a lot of musicality layered throughout. I found myself enjoying it more and more with each listen. Check it out, you just might find yourself tapping your toes uncontrollably.